Fighting For A Cause

Colorectal Cancer Canada (CCC) is a patient based organization composed of colorectal cancer patients and caregivers that understand the needs of patients and the challenges of coping with the disease. The organization strives to promote colorectal cancer awareness and education, provides support to patients and their families and advocates on their behalf. CCC is also engaged in broader national and provincial health policy issues that touch all cancer patients, such as: Patient Values and Preferences in Health Technology Assessment, Cancer Clinical Trials and Real World Evidence.

CCC has three major goals for its advocacy efforts:

  • Promoting population-based colorectal cancer screening programs in all provinces and territories;
  • Cancer prevention through the promotion of healthy lifestyles; and
  • Equal and timely access to effective treatments to improve patient outcomes.

With these goals, we believe we can prevent colorectal cancer, prolong the lives of those touched by the disease and reduce mortality from it.

Why Does Advocacy Matter?

Advocacy matters because the squeaky wheel gets the grease. But advocacy also matters because the alternative, not doing anything, is really no alternative at all. Inaction has never led to change or progress.

Advocacy can be impactful because:

  • Decision makers react to those credible groups or individuals who most effectively bring their issues to the forefront of the public agenda.
  • In the case of advocating to government, they have competing interests and concerns that can only be fully discerned when people make their voices heard.

As voters and taxpayers, we all have the ability to effect change.