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How The Colon and Rectum Function

This document provides a short description on the anatomy of the colon andrectum

More on Diagnosing Colorectal Cancer

More details on the types of tests used in diagnosing colorectal cancer is supplied here

More on Risk Factors

More details on each of the risk factors is supplied in this document

More on Staging of Colorectal Cancer

More information on the different stages of colorectal can be found here

More on Symptoms

More details on each of the symptoms is supplied in this document

A Guide to Understanding Ostomy

More details on ostomy; the types, the care is found here

A Guide to Understanding Colorectal Cancer Treatment Options

More details on the various treatment options is supplied here

About Clinical Trials

Learn more about what a clinical trial is and how it works

From Chemotherapuetic Agents to Biosmilars

Learn more about chemotherapeutic agents and biosimilars

Naturopathy as a Treatment Option

Learn More about the various treatment options in naturpathic medicine from prevention to recurrence

Side Effects of Colorectal Cancer Treatment

In depth detail of the side effects of various treatments

Colorectal Cancer Screening Guidelines in Canada

Learn more about screening guidelines in Canada

Diagnosis and Treatment Related Questions

Questions to consider asking your doctor related to diagnosis and treatment

Glossary of Terms

In depth glossary of terms related to colorectal cancer

Links to Provincial and Territorial Screening Programs

Links to Provincial and Territorial Screening Programs

Types of Screening Tests

Detailed description of screening tests available

What is Anal Cancer?

This document provides a description on the anal cancer